commo〓n developme○nt."It's m〓y hope and ■belief that more 〓and more Chi■nese enterp〓rises will ●follow the exam〓ple of Huawei b●y

bringing the■ir best products and● services to In●donesia, earnest●ly fulfilli◆ng their corporate ■social respon◆sibility, striving?/p>

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s econ●omic and soci〓al progress," ●the ambass●ador said.He● added that C◆hina now is I●ndonesia's largest○ trading partner〓 for 6 consecu●tive ye

ars and ◆investment ○from Chinese mainl◆and has increased ○by a staggering◆ of 324 percent t○o r

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each 2.7 billion ○dollars, raising Ch○ina from the 9th■ to the 3rd l◆argest foreig〓n investor in Indon●e

sia.Indonesian In●formatics and● Communications 〓Minister R●udiantara said t〓hat ICT deve〓lopment is ess

enti○al in Indones●ia at present a●s the country ●is pursuing d◆igital technol○ogy-supported econom●y i

n the fu◆ture by devel●oping e-commerce 〓basis oper●ation in most of d〓aily life aspects ◆with 180 billion● dollar worth of t◆ransactions we

re ex●pected by ●2020."There will b●e 2,000 students ■tasked to hone ◆up ICT skills○ in the country an〓d in foreign count●ries as wel●l, including

in C●hina. This is par〓t of our effort●s to catch up w●ith digital technol〓ogy," the minister ●said to add●ress the eve●nt held in In◆donesia tec

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